Wasson-ECE Instrumentation provides custom engineering solutions for customers who demand quality and durability. As the world leader in custom system designs, we have the expertise to take your project from concept to finished product.

When working with Wasson-ECE, your experience will start by speaking with one of our skilled engineers. During your consultation you will cover topics such as number of sample streams, system compatibility, tubing material, valves and automation. Then, before building begins, you will be given a chance to review drawing and system specifications. Once the system is built, it is fully tested to ensure quality and accuracy. At this point you are encouraged to participate in a factory acceptance test (FAT). A trip to Colorado, USA will enable you to review the system hardware and how it is related to system diagrams and illustrations. The FAT concludes with detailed training, where you may learn to operate the system and become proficient with maintenance procedures. Finally, Wasson-ECE ships the system to your facility for installation and further staff training.



Eclipse is Wasson-ECE's new Process Gas Chromatograph: learn more

Process Environment

Process Instrumentation

The need for an accurate, precise, dependable, on-line analysis increases every day. Process control demands the best technology to maximize its effectiveness, and that means being able to deploy the most advanced process analyzers. Wasson-ECE presents a new generation in on-line technology, providing unparalleled capability and performance.

Orbital Weld

Orbital Welding

Wasson-ECE Instrumentation offers orbital welding solutions for customers who demand systems with high resistance to corrosion and quick clean up ability.

6850 Auxiliary Oven

6850 Auxiliary Oven

The Wasson-ECE 6850 Auxiliary valve oven provides extended functionality to the Agilent Technologies 6850 Gas Chromatograph.

7890 Auxiliary Oven for Columns and Valves

7890 Auxiliary Oven

The Wasson-ECE 7890 Auxiliary valve and column oven provides extended functionality to the Agilent Technologies 7890 Gas Chromatograph.

Custom Sample Systems

Custom Sample Systems

Wasson-ECE has extensive experience building custom sample systems.

Membrane Technology

Membrane Extraction

Automated Water Analysis Using Membrane Technology. The 707-00 Gas Phase Extraction System is a novel device Wasson-ECE has developed to perform water analysis.