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As the leader in custom configured analyzers, Wasson-ECE Instrumentation also offers laboratory hardware to compliment the turn-key solution or the customer’s existing equipment. By offering flexible equipment design, we ensure that our systems will work with your system.

When a customer orders custom hardware, Wasson-ECE will work with the customer to configure the hardware to the customer’s specifications and submit the designs for the customer's final approval.



Eclipse is Wasson-ECE's new Process Gas Chromatograph: learn more

Air Monitoring

TO-Clean Automated Canister Cleaner

TO-Clean Automated Canister Cleaner

The TO-Clean canister cleaner allows for fully automated canister cleaning.

Tedlar Bag Auto-sampler

Tedlar™ Bag Auto-sampler

The Wasson-ECE Tedlar™ bag auto-sampler allows the user to sample up to sixteen sample bags.

Tracer Analyzer

Mobile Tracer Detection SystemMobile Tracer Detection System

The Wasson-ECE Mobile Tracer Detection System enables the user to quickly detect low level leaks of tracer compounds.

Laboratory Hardware


Sampler Set

By adding auto-samplers to your lab, gas chromatograph throughput efficiencey can be increased. Wasson-ECE offers two types of auto-samplers: the Gas AutoSampler (AS201) for heating and injecting pressurized gas phase samples, and the Pressurized Liquid AutoSampler (LS100) for injecting pressurized liquid samples at ambient temperatures.

Variable Pressure Sample System

Variable Pressure Sample System

The Variable Pressure Sample System (VPS) gives you two ways to ensure the precision and accuracy of your gas chromatography results. The first method is pressure correction, used to create uniform pressure among all injected samples and calibration blends. The second method is multipoint calibration, which you can use to test the pressure ranges that will deliver accurate results from your calibration blend.


Vapor Phase Injection System

The Wasson-ECE Vaporizer uses an innovative, proprietary technique to vaporize liquid samples for injection in your existing gas chromatography system.

Dynamic Blender

Dynamic Blender

The Dynamic Blender is a portable blending device that dilutes a sample or a certified standard with a matrix gas of choice.