W500x Ambient Air Concentrator

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Ambient Temperature Concentrator

The Wasson-ECE Instrumentation W500X Air Concentrator is designed to collect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on a sorbent trap in air samples up to 2 liters. Once the VOCs are concentrated on the trap they are desorbed to a gas chromatograph performing high resolution gas chromatography. The concentration takes place on a sorbent trap at ambient temperatures, eliminating the need for cryogenic liquids.

Ideal Applications Chart

VOC and HRVOC Reporting Limits to 5 ppb by GC-FID

Reporting limits vary depending on GC methodology as well as reactivity of the target analytes to the sorbent material. The concentrator yields reporting limits (RL) of 5 ppbv for HRVOCs on an FID and 0.1 ppbv for HRVOCs on GC-MS.

Ambient Teperature Trapping (NO CRYOGENICS)

The W500X utilizes a proprietary trapping technique that eliminates the need for cryogenic liquids. The sorbent material used in the trap allows for trapping of trace ethane and ethylene at 35°C. See the chromatogram in Figure 1.

Integrated Surrogate and Internal Standard Delivery System

A fully automated standard delivery system allows the user to load a specified amount of standard or surrogate onto the trap with each run. The standard or surrogate of choice is attached to the standard inlet and with each run the standard is loaded onto the trap and desorbed to the GC with the analytical sample.

Intuitive Software Control

Software is included with the concentrator and allows the user to interactively control the bridge temperature, valve temperature, mass flow and sample load volume. The system comes preloaded with concentrator methods to help you get started. The methods can be customized by the user to meet their analytical needs.

Analysis of HRVOCs by GC-FIDChromatogram