Small Devices
Small Devices
Dynamic Blender
Simple, portable blending device for making multiple calibration levels from a single certified standard
Gas Auto-sampler
Stand-alone unit allows for unattended analysis of up to twelve gas cylinders with increased accuracy and precision
Liquid Auto-Sampler
Stand-alone unit allows for unattended analysis of up to nine liquid samples all kept under pressure to ensure correct phase sampling
LPG Pressurization Station
Stand-alone unit maintains sample integrity and allows for consistent analysis from LPG cylinders
NVOC Concentrator
Device vaporizes CO2 and collects heavy organic contaminants in a solvent for syringe injection
OFID Controller
Stand-alone unit prevents damage to the OFID reactor in the event reactor purge gas flow is lost
Single Cylinder Heater
Maintain sample integrity and prevent condensation when sampling from a pressurized sample cylinder
Single Cylinder Holder
Bench top sample holder for safer sampling from pressurized gas or liquid cylinders
Stand-alone Oven
Stand-alone auxiliary oven to accommodate additional valves and hardware
Stand-alone unit ensures consistent sample introduction of vaporized product from LPG